Test standards

ControlArt is providing the standardtest quipment in two basic models, Type 1 and Type 2. The table shows that:

  • Type1 can perform testing for all "Volvo" methods, including the new Volvo/Ford method
  • Type 2 can perform testing of all moderna cyclic test methods.

We can provide an option where solutions not based on only sodiumcloride can be used in the fog nozzle system.

Nr Test method name Standard Test method developed in the equipment Typ 1 Typ 2 Cyclic test method
1 VICT (Volvo Indoor Corrosion Test Method) STD 1027,1375 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Volvo ACT (Volvo Car), ACT I VCS 1027,149 Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Volvo ACT (Volvo Group), ACT I STD 423.0014 Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 New Volvo- (Ford) Method, ACT II VCS 1027,1449* Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Scania Corrosion Test Method STD 4319 Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 ISO Cyclic Corrosion Test Method SS-EN ISO 16701:2008 Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 French Corrosion Test Method VIC2 VIC 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Renault Corrosion Test Method ECC1 D17 2028 / B No No Yes Yes
9 New revised VDA Corrosion Test Method VDA 233-102 No No Yes Yes
10 VDA Corrosion Test Method VDA 621-415 No No No No
11 Neutral Salt Spruta NSS ISO 9227 No No Yes (**) No
12 Daimler Chrysler KWT-DC KWT-DC No No Yes Yes
13 Peugeot PSA TCAC D13 5486 No Yes Yes Yes

No. 2,3 och 5 has the same basic testcycle but is diffentiating in the demands and verifications.

* The standard is equal to Ford CETP 00.00-L-467.

** Is not recomended for longer periods of testing.

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