TC 215

ControlArt Corrosion Test Cabinet TC 215
A cyclic atmospheric corrosion-testing device adapted for running the cyclic Volvo tests and the new Volvo-Ford test, as well as ECC1 test from Renault Automotive. The equipment has two salt application systems, salt fog and salt rain as well as an external cooler.

Common for all types of test equipment:

  • Nearly the same moulded plastic cabinet and machinery in all types
  • Control system with modern process regulators and PLC-technique
  • Automatic "rain solution" mixing system with programmable saltconentrations and pH
  • Automatic test sample device for testing of saltconcentration and pH
  • Rainsystem suitable for Volvo and Volvo/Ford standards
  • Three programmable timecontacts (24V relay output)

In TC 215 chamber includes:

  • Separate cooling unit with temperature down to 0°C approximately
  • Salt fog system according to ISO 9227
  • Scrubber to clean outgoing used air from the test cabinet
  • Air blowing in the cabinet to get rid of the salt fog
  • Automatic rinse step in the cabinet of the machinery parts
  • In-line heater to maintain temperature during salt fog step

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