TC 210

ControlArt Corrosion Test Cabinet TC 210

A cyclic atmospheric corrosion-testing device adapted for running the cyclic Volvo tests as well as the new Volvo-Ford test. The equipment has a salt rain system and an external cooler.

Common for all types of test equipment:

  • Nearly the same moulded plastic cabinet and machinery in all types
  • Control system with modern process regulators and PLC-technique
  • Automatic "rain solution" mixing system with programmable saltconentrations and pH
  • Automatic test sample device for testing of saltconcentration and pH
  • Rainsystem suitable for Volvo and Volvo/Ford standards
  • Three programmable timecontacts (24V relay output)

In TC 210 chamber includes

  • Separate cooling unit with temperature down to 0°C approximately

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