Sample holders
We sell custom-made sample holders to our corrosion testing equipment. We have developed the sample holders in agreement with many company standards concerning angle distance etc. The sample holder is adjustable and can take test panels of a thickness up to 1 cm .With the use of test stands from ControArt its possible to test as many as 360 test panels simultaneously, with a dimension of 100*200mm. Each sample holder fits 18 pieces of test panels or other specimens.  Sample holders can be turned upside down for larger sample details. The chamber can host a maximum of 20 pieces of sample holders.

DSC 0679

Media Monitoring 
This option monitors the pressure of incoming media such as deionized water and the dried compressed air. If any pressure is below the respective print border for more than 6 minutes then performs a controlled shutdown of equipment in the most favorable way possible for the exposed samples .

Spare parts as exampel filter, seals, nozzles, wet socks and more, also other accessories for testings.

                                                                                                     Wet sock                                                                                                       


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