We can help you on a consultancy basis to :

  • Develop new testing strategies or phase-in the corrosion work into new development plans
  • Independent "Benchmarking" tasks from a general perspective or from a particular place is also a thinkable task
  • Choice of test method analysis and verification after test together with applicability and life time expectancies together with field coupling can be made
  • Material choice and influence from galvanic couplings as well as proposal for surface treatment for different design proposals are also possible tasks

More than 25 years in business as a consultant, predominantly for the demanding automotive industry is the foundation of our competence.

Other services we provide:

  • Consulting - Shorter or longer consulting in the corrosion field (evaluation, testing, materials, advice and training)
  • Special Projects - Construction of measuring equipments and test rigs
  • Programming - LabVIEWSQL databases, as well as different brands of PLCs

In the illustration below, a small effort to illustrate the cyclic work flow for development work where corrosion as an important property is included. In this workflow we can participate fully, or partly.

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