We can help you on a consultancy basis to :

  • Develop new testing strategies or phase-in the corrosion work into new development plans
  • Independent "Benchmarking" tasks from a general perspective or from a particular place is also a thinkable task
  • Choice of test method analysis and verification after test together with applicability and life time expectancies together with field coupling can be made
  • Material choice and influence from galvanic couplings as well as proposal for surface treatment for different design proposals are also possible tasks

Climate equipment and other special test equipment

We also undertake special projects in which the investigation, manufacturing, programming (industrial automation, measurement systems), documentation and CE marking are included. 

  • Logger system for corrosion test equipment or custome made lab. software
  • Special made test Chambers with focus on climate
  • Test rig project

More than 25 years in business as a consultant, predominantly for the demanding automotive industry is the foundation of our competence.

Other services we provide:

  • Consulting - Shorter or longer consulting in the corrosion field (evaluation, testing, materials, advice and training)
  • Special Projects - Construction of measuring equipments and test rigs
  • Programming - LabVIEWSQL databases, as well as different brands of PLCs

In the illustration below, a small effort to illustrate the cyclic work flow for development work where corrosion as an important property is included. In this workflow we can participate fully, or partly.

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